• Owens Corning – 7yr labor
  • Oakridge – 30yr 110mph Wind Resistance
  • Duration – 30yr 130mph Wind Resistance

*Specialty styles and colors available



  • Desert Rib
  • R Panel
  • Standing Seam

*Metal Center – 40yr paint warranty – 10yr labor

TPO- 45mil, 60mil, 80mil (Thickness):

We offer a 10yr labor warranty on all flat roof installations. 

We use Versico TPO which has 15, 20, and 30-year material warranties that actually stay with the house, not the homeowner. This is unique because other manufacturers give a “lifetime warranty” but it stays with the homeowner so if they move/ sell the house after the first year, the warranty is no longer valid. These warranties are as follows:

  • 45mil thickness= 15yr warranty
  • 60mil= 20yr warranty
  • 80mil= 30yr warranty
  • Residential: 45mil 20yr material warranty 60mil lifetime material warranty
  • Commercial: 60mil, 80mil 20yr material warranty

Can offer full manufacturer system warranty for material and labor.